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Last updated 18 February 2002

A lot has happened between July 2001, when I submitted the final draft for Web Radio to my editor, and December 2001, when the book first appeared on bookshop shelves. Most encompassing are the reverberations from the attacks on the World Trade Centre and the Pentagon on September 11, which are undoubtedly having a range of effects on attitudes towards the Internet and its regulation in general - though any direct effects on web radio as a phenomenon are not yet obvious. However, indirectly the fallout across the American economy has obviously been profound and has certainly hastened the overdue re-evaluation of the shape and aims of the commercial Internet. In turn this has led to an acceleration in the rate of closure of US based web radio stations - some of them very big names. Casualties among those I referred to in the book can be found here.
Meanwhile other aspects of web radio's evolution continue at their own pace. Most notably over music copyright. I'll update key developments in this highly contentious and complex area here. As the months go by - and I hope enhanced by your feedback - I'll be looking out for newly emerging trends in the shape of web radio and its production, which I'll post here.
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