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January 2002. From Brian Comerford of RadioValve, Colorado, USA

"i wanted to thank you very much for the inclusion of RadioValve into Web Radio. we're all very honored to be so well represented in your classy publication. from what i've read in it so far it seems to be a very fine and intelligent book. and i'm thankful that you seem to think so well of us! ... it feels great to have our baby immortalized in the academic press!"

February 2002. From Tanya Notley in Colombo, Sri Lanka

"Dear Chris,
I am now at Kothmale Radio station and I was really happy to see a copy of your book. Its a really useful tool for us here."

April 2002. From Norman A. Levinson, Chairman, Channel W .com Broadcasting NETwork, Redmond, Washington, USA

"You have published an excellent and timely book!
"I personally cannot thank you enough as I have been waiting for something like this since 1996...ever since I attended Progressive Networks' [nka RealNetworks] first technical conference in San Francisco.
"... I ... wish to thank you for an impressive accomplishment."

May 2002. From Anne Marie Waters, a student of broadcast journalism at the Nottingham Trent University in Nottingham, UK

"I am currently working on an assignment for which your book 'Web Radio' is proving an invaluable aid."

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