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The Web Radio Feedback and Comment Form

Please note that:

  1. Some earlier versions of browsers may not be able to use this form. If you experience difficulties or find it doesn't work for you please email your response to me direct using the link at the bottom of this page.
  2. I have kept the amount of detail I ask about you to a minimum and I will only add your name, geographical location and your institution or organisation when I post your comment on these pages. Beyond that I will not pass any information you provide here to any third parties, nor will you receive unsolicited email from me.
Thank you for your participation in this feedback exercise.

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  1. suggestions for additions, updates or amendments to the book,
  2. your experiences of running a web radio station,
  3. your impressions of web radio as a listener,
  4. your thoughts about web radio's place in the mix of other transmission routes for radio,
  5. information about relevant research you are conducting or know of,
  6. suggestions for any further reading you would recommend to readers of this book.
I will endeavour to respond to suggestions for updates and post suitable, relevant comments on the readers' feedback page on a monthly basis. Thank you.

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