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Web Radio
Radio Production for Internet Streaming

Author: Chris Priestman
Published by: Focal Press, January 2002

In early 2000 I was looking for a book about radio on the Internet to recommend to students. This was five years after the first audio streams had appeared on the Web and at a time when thousands of radio stations were making billions of hours of listening available online. I found books on the technicalities of audio streaming and assorted chapters added to respected radio texts, but no single book about how this powerful new tramsmission technology affected radio's production today. So I wrote this one as an attempt to provide the initial context - for existing and would be practitioners and for students of radio and the Internet. I also intended it to be starting point for further research.
As a source book though there were obvious difficulties in writing for a future shelf life when details of the subject matter were changing so rapidly in the present. Hence this website. On the left of this page are links to information that give an idea of the scope of the book itself. But more importantly the 'Updates' pages allow me to add changes and significant new information as they arise. Thirdly this site allows me to invite readers to comment on the book and put forward their own experiences and impressions of adventuring in Web radio via the 'Feedback' links. I will then edit and post them here on a monthly basis.

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© Chris Priestman December 2001
Book extracts are reproduced by permission of the copyright holder, Focal Press, which is an imprint of Taylor & Francis Group LLC.